Our story

Our story

As a brand, RUNTOYOGA was built on years of experience, which is why our products are thoroughly tested and top-quality. Courage, constant learning, growth, and positive thinking – this is what led us to write a new story.

RUNTOYOGA is a symbol of freedom of movement, quality, integration, warmth, love, gratefulness, and caring for well-being as well as sustainability.

Our mission is to provide a wide selection of high-quality products and constantly expand and update our offer based on thoroughly verified sources regarding manufacturing and payment policies, sustainable manufacturing and environmental protection.

For your well-being and the sake of the environment, we’ve made a selection of Kurma products.

Sustainable       Environmentally friendly

Environmental changes and pollution are among the most burning issues of our times. Our planet is facing a crisis; so we must act now to achieve a balance between our consumption, resources, and waste. In the Kurma community, we actively create a truly sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come.



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