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This set of yoga props includes a cotton blanket, a strap, two wooden bricks, two shoulder stand block supports (foam) and a bolster filled with buckwheat hulls.

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The set is suitable for all those who would like to add more support to their practice or take on more advanced asanas. The set also contains everything necessary for the shoulder stand, which is considered the queen of all asanas. Your practice will be much more interesting and varied with a selection of these accessories.

– Cotton blanket: suitable for support and warmth during more relaxed positions
– Strap: in yoga it represents an extension of our arms. So true when in some positions we can’t hold our toes ????
– 2 yoga blocks – wood: provides stable support when performing asanas.
– A pair of shoulder stand foams: foams provide softness and stability for inversions, help open the chest, and can be used for seated twists, all seated forward bends…
– Bolster organic filled with buckwheat hulls: an indispensable accessory for all styles of yoga.

– Weight: 10.79 kg

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